Meet team !

oasis is proud to have the support of a multi-disciplinary team of open data leaders in Belgium and Spain.

Stephane Roelandt

OASIS project manager

An avid Open Data enthusiast and co-founder of data driven start-ups like schoolKID and ontoforce. Currently living the good life as freelancer on a various projects. Since day one, Stephane was also involved with Open Knowledge Belgium. First as a board member and later as a financial manager.

Pieter Colpaert

Linked Transport Data research at imec

Works at imec - Ghent University, volunteers at Open Knowledge Belgium and the iRail project. His research is on publishing transport data for maximum reuse.

Dries Van Ransbeeck

Project Coordinator at OKBE

Working full-time on bringing open knowledge and open data to a level playing field, where everyone can benefit from it. Previous experiences in citizen engagement and crowdsourcing solutions, currently into bike data.

Oscar Corcho

Full professor

As part of his involvement in the Open Data Institute node in Madrid, Oscar leads the Spanish thematic network on Open Data for Smart Cities, where joint guidelines and vocabularies are being proposed for the harmonisation of datasets across open data portals in Spain.

David Chaves Fraga

PhD student at OEG

Working on Ontology Engineering Group at Universidad Politécnica of Madrid. Focused on Open/Linked Data and Semantic Web research and their links with public services, especially transport services.

Ruben Taelman

Linked Data researcher at imec

Researcher and PhD student at Ghent University - imec since August 2015. He investigates methods for publishing, storing and querying Linked Data, with a focus on dynamic data domains such as versioning and stream processing.

Peter Bogaert

Geographic Information Officer

Works at the City of Ghent within the Data & Information service. Part of the team specifically focussing on the city-wide management and coordination of geographic information. Volunteers as Chairman of the Board at FLAGIS vzw, an organisation representing the users of Geographic Information in Flanders and as a Visiting Professor within the Geography Department at Ghent University.

Bart Rosseau

Chief Data Officer - Ghent City Council

Born, Raised, Educated and Working in Ghent
Driven by Data usage for societal leverage and Rock N Roll.

Freddy Priyatna

Postdoctoral at OEG

Freddy Priyatna's research areas are on Ontology-based Data Access and Integration and Semantic Web. He holds an undergraduate degree of Computer Science and a joint master degree in Computational Logic. His Ph.D thesis entitled Methods and Techniques for the Generation and Eficient Exploitation of RDB2RDF Mappings was defended in December 2015.

Thimo Thoeye

Open Data Expert

Thimo is a computer scientist with a passion for all things data. He studied the Semantic Web at the Gent University and is active in local government, where he is looking for innovative ways to foster the power of data to increase the knowledge of government and citizens alike. He is a strong advocate of open data and believes that information technology should be employed to create a more transparent, fair and prosperous society.