A team working towards Open Applications for Semantically Interoperable Services (oasis)

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What is oasis?

Together, Ghent and the region of Madrid have initiated an innovative action that will increase the accessibility of public services and public transport. To do this, they will collaborate to publish linked open data. Both cities are experienced publishers of open data, and together they will prove that new technologies (such as the “Semantic Web”) can lead to economies of scale, such as the creation of cross-country applications.

The project called oasis has received funding from the European Commission (inea) and is a partnership between the Universities of Ghent and Madrid (imec and upm), the local governments (the City of Ghent, and the Consorcio Regional de Transportes de Madrid), supported by the Flemish ICT Organisation (V-ICT-OR) and coordinated by Open Knowledge Belgium.

During the summer of 2017 and 2018, 2 teams of students and experienced developers will build upon the semantic data of OASIS to create new mobile applications in the scope of the “open Summer of code”. These applications will be completely open source and ready to be re-used by governments throughout Europe. The project hopes to set an example of how these cutting edge technologies can be employed in a real-life setting, and how they can indeed improve the mobility of Europeans and the accessibility of European government.